Outdoor Kitchen Hookups

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Your backyard can be a paradise all on its own, and one of the best ways to compliment and accent this beautiful space is to spend more time there. And you’ll spend far more time outside when you add an outdoor kitchen to your home. Outdoor kitchens are a lot like the one you’ve got inside as well, only with a few appliance differences. However, it’s not uncommon for outdoor kitchens to include full sinks (with garbage disposals), built-in grills, and even range tops for full cooking capabilities!

If you want to install an outdoor kitchen in your yard, you’ll most likely need to run new water and gas lines, and that means you’ll need the assistance of a qualified St. John’s County plumber from The Service Gurus! We’re fully equipped and capable of running the lines you need where you need them, and making sure that they’re able to withstand the extra abuse and demands of outdoor usage. Customers from around the area have trusted their home to our skilled team members for years, and we’ve proven time and time again why we’re so highly-regarded in the community. We work with you to help you fully customize your outdoor kitchen in order to create the space of your dreams so you can make the most of Florida’s well-known beautiful weather, all year round!

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Bring the Power of a Full Kitchen Outdoors!

An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic addition to many properties. Whether you have a backyard pool and want to host more family gatherings or you live on the edge of a lake or river and want to be able to enjoy your view all the more often, outdoor kitchens make it possible! Outdoor kitchens are also great additions to your property value, making them an outstanding investment.

We can install the following plumbing equipment for all your outdoor kitchen needs:

  • Water mains
  • Hot water mains
  • Reverse osmosis filtration
  • Garbage disposals
  • Drain lines
  • Gas lines

Whether you want a full-fledged kitchen, complete with a full range, oven, and gas-powered grill, or you simply want to add a small outdoor bar with a place to rinse out cups and glasses, you can trust us to set you up right. We always make sure that our plumbing work is not only done correctly, but adheres to all building codes and regulations to ensure safety and minimize the possibility of a problem. And we always utilize materials that can withstand the added abuse that outdoor application brings, such as exposure to heat and extra moisture.

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