Plumbing Leak Detection

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Plumbing leaks can be a serious problem. Even a small leak can not only drive up your water bills by wasting hundreds of gallons per year, but can cause immense damage to your home by ruining drywall, rotting wood, destroying insulation, and encouraging mold to take root, grow, and fester. And the worst part? You may not even realize you have one. Some plumbing leaks are so small or in such inconspicuous places that there may not be any immediate signs of a problem.

If you think there’s a chance you might be dealing with a plumbing leak, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a St. John’s County plumber as soon as possible! At The Service Gurus, our highly-trained and fully-licensed plumbers are all equipped with the latest tools and cutting-edge technology so they can quickly determine whether or not you have a plumbing leak. If you do have one, we can also utilize our knowledge and experience to find it and repair it. We understand how serious a leak can be, and we don’t hesitate when it comes to helping you spot the problem and figure out the best possible solution to fix it. Whether the leak is in your walls, in the main lines to and from your house, or located in the slab your home is built on, leaks can’t hide from our team!

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Accurate Results Quickly & Effectively

At The Service Gurus, we believe that the key to negating the effects of a leak is quick detection and rapid response that solves the problem the first time. We know where leaks form, what causes them, and most importantly, how to fix them. Our highly-trained team members can utilize the latest technology and methods to not only locate the leak, but take action to prevent the leak from growing and damaging your home any further.

We can spot leaks in any of the following plumbing fixtures:

  • Main plumbing lines
  • Sewage lines
  • Hot water lines
  • Slab-run lines
  • Water filtration lines
  • Faucet & fixture leaks

Taking Care of the Most Dangerous Issues

When it comes to a leak in your home, there may not be a more serious problem than a slab leak. These are leaks which have formed inside the plumbing that has been built into your home’s concrete foundation slab, where even a small crack could erode away at the foundation and lead to ground shifting, foundation cracking, damage to your floors and interior, and even more catastrophic consequences that can cost thousands to repair.

We can also help you detect leaks in your gas lines. While a gas leak is usually easier to spot thanks to the distinct smell of natural gas, a leaks could fill your home with toxic fumes, including carbon monoxide which could be fatal when too much is consumed.

Got a leak in your home’s plumbing? Contact The Service Gurus and let us find it and fix it for you as soon as possible!

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