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Is your heater on the fritz again? If so, it’s better to deal with the problem sooner rather than later, before it gets worse. At The Service Gurus, we have years of experience under our belts, and are capable of handling a range of heating equipment. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are equipped with all the latest tools and techniques to not only get your heating system up and running again, but to make sure it works better than ever before. Call our St. Johns heating & AC pros at The Service Gurus today for unparalleled repairs and unrivaled customer service.

To schedule an appointment with our team, just dial (904) 474-3374.

How You Know It’s Time to Have Your Heater Repaired

  • Chances are, you probably don’t think about your heater much when it’s working well. But on a cold winter’s night, the last thing you want is to be unprepared as you feel the temperature drop. Of course, it’s not just a complete absence of heat that can indicate a problem. There are other signs to be on the lookout for as well which may signify an issue with your systemContact us for St. Johns heating repair if you notice:
    • Strange sounds coming from your system
    • Cold air coming from your system
    • Constant cycling on and off
    • Thermostat problems
    • Unusual smells emitting from your heating unit
    • Unusually high energy bills.

    Again, it is better to have your heating equipment serviced sooner rather than later, as waiting too long is just going to lead to bigger, more costly repairs down the road. Luckily for you, The Service Gurus are familiar with all major heating systems.

    We regularly perform repairs on:

    • Furnaces
    • Boilers
    • Heat Pumps
    • And more!

They Don’t Call Us Gurus for Nothing

At The Service Gurus, we take pride in bringing our expertise to the people of St. Augustine and greater St. Johns County. That’s why we offer special programs, such as our Filter Fetch Program and Comfort Care Program, where members receive exclusive discounts, premiere service, and HVAC maintenance to keep your system working better for longer.

Don’t get left out in the cold! Hire The Service Gurus now, by dialing (904) 474-3374 or contacting us online.

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